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Feminization Procedures of the Lower Face

Facial Feminization of the Lower Face, Atlanta Surgical Arts, Atlanta, GAFacial Feminization Surgery (FFS) consists of various reconstructive surgical procedures that can lead to a softened, more feminine appearance. The most common procedures involved in facial feminization can be divided into two separate categories: the upper face and the lower face. The upper portion of the face and the surgical procedures associated with it were discussed in our blog, Feminization Procedures of the Upper Face. However, facial feminization surgery of the lower face consists of a different set of surgeries, specifically jaw re-contouring and chin surgery.

Jaw Re-contouring

Jaw re-contouring, or mandibular reduction, is a common procedure with the goal of feminizing the face in mind. Male mandibles are usually thicker and more muscular; this can create more volume in that region of the lower face, while females typically have a smoother curve to their jaw line than males.

Since a square jaw often appears to be more masculine, patients seeking to feminize the face may desire a jaw reduction in order soften the jaw line and round the corners of the posterior areas. The overall contour of a face is the most distinguishing characteristic of a feminine face; therefore, this type of facial feminization surgery is prevalent.

Chin Surgery

Chin contouring, or chin reduction, often accompanies jaw re-contouring procedures in the process of facial feminization. The average female chin is smaller than and more rounded (or pointed) than the average male chin. However, through surgery, the chin can be augmented to appear more feminine, and even protrude more, if desired.

There are various methods of re-contouring the chin in order to achieve a more feminine appearance. Since a harmonious balance between the chin and the jaw line is desired, the two procedures are often discussed in tandem. Dr. Huynh will assess each patient individually and determine the best method for feminizing the chin, taking the jaw line into account as well.

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